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who is thommes


one half online marketing strategist, one quarter conceptual thinker and one quarter designer
E-mail marketing

Looking for content that excites the customer. Not just a commercial message; I want to send content that shows our expertise.


Google search advertising (SEA) and SEO certified. Always on the look for that perfect keyword that persuades visitors to our beautiful website.


Wordpress and Drupal are my favorites. These two systems will suit all the needs for a website with a high UI and UX (plus a little bit of HTML and CSS).

Incentive marketing

Business improves when employees feel recognized, engaged en rewarded. Improve results without investing tons of money.

Adobe Creative Suite

I got quite handy with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator over the years. From sketching to final design; I really enjoy it.



My name's Thommes, I am a strategic thinker with a large need for competence. I love to question current structures and find a way to optimize them. I see challenges in stead of obstacles and I won't stop until I am satisfied with the result. Offering useful content with the target group in mind and optimizing the marketing funnel by analyzing data are my main goals.

Welcome to my online resume. I hope it gives you a good sense of what keeps me going. Not only facts and figures but also the type of person I am. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.


feel the love

" Every now and again there is a student in your class that stands out and Thommes is one of those students. Thommes is goal-driven and motivated which ensures steady and good results and makes him a reliable person to work with. He is also a little stubborn but never arrogant. He can make up his own mind but does not hesitate to single out the people he needs to get ahead, ask them for advice or to discuss situations with. That is how he brings in the quality and makes him interesting to work with. Most of all, I appreciate Thommes' capacity for selfreflection. I am convinced that this will get him far in life. If you want to get the job done, done well and with an eye for the process, he's the one for the job. "

Annelies Falk Lecturer Zuyd University

" Thommes is a person with great creativity and has the skill to convert his idea's to the exact wishes of his clients. Besides this, Thommes is a person that easily communicates and gives people a pleasant and welcome feeling. But when it comes to the point in the work-out phase, he always proves the truth about his true class. "

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-24 om 14.33.33
Jacques Zelissen Director Zuid Design

" If I got asked to describe Thommes in a few words I would say: creative, easy to communicate with, enthusiastic and goal oriented. Due to his great creativity and capacity to envision his clients ideas, he produces the perfect marketing style and strategy. Combining his graphic design and commercial management studies gives him the knowledge and skills to convert his clients wishes to actual products.

Besides these work-related skills Thommes is also a very nice colleague. He automatically creates a pleasant work atmosphere, but keeps his focus on the target to ensure that the project gets finished. "

Eline Dohmen
Eline Dohmen Psychologist Ciran

" Thommes was a very reliable colleague. He was eager to learn more about the retail industry and wanted to become an expert, which he has achieved in my opinion. He works well with collegues and was always very well focussed on his targets. Thommes has been a valuable collegue for the company. "

Frederiques Tummers-Smeets
Frédérique Tummers Smeets Marketeer BCT